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Non Revenue Water Management

By SUPRA International Indonesia

09/10/2021 NRW or Unbilled Water is an indicator of a service provider's efforts to keep utility assets in general, and the network in particular, in good working condition. This helps utilities plan for investments in network rehabilitation or replacement and in budget preparation. It is also a tool used by regulators to assess the performance of individual service providers on requests for tariff changes. Regulators set the level of performance that operators must achieve to protect customer interests, reduce operating costs, and conserve finite water resources.

WI.Plat integrates leading technologies including IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud systems. IoT devices collect and transmit field data including the sound of water leaks from water pipes to smartphones. Then the NELOW app gets the data and sends it to the online web platform and also provides users with easy information and management. Through artificial intelligence (AI) technology, users can find leak points based on GIS and manage facilities easily.
We are helping PDAM and water companies to effectively managed their NRW with IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology
NRW is an indicator of the service providers’ efforts in maintaining the assets of the utility in general, and the network in specific, in good working conditions. It helps the utility plan for investment in the rehabilitation or replacement of the network and in budget preparation. It is also a tool that it is used by the regulator to assess the performance of the individual service provider upon a request of tariff change. The regulator sets performance levels for operators to achieve in order to safeguard the interest of customers, reduce operation costs, and preserve limited water resources.

WI.Plat’s Intelligent Water Leak Management Platform integrates the advanced technologies of Internet of Things, data analytics, and cloud platform system to solve the problems in water supply management systems. A detector monitors and collects data on energy difference caused by water leaks, which is then transferred via Bluetooth to a mobile phone attached on top of the detector. When internet access is available, the data in the mobile phone is sent to the cloud-based platform server, where the algorithm analyzes the data and informs the customers of leaking points. The raw data and the results of analyses are shown on both the mobile phone and the web system.
Whereas conventional solutions are expensive as they use multiple servers and experts, WI.Plat’s platform could reduce the cost by integrating the solutions into a single cloud platform and replacing experts with data analytics. By Using NELOW Android App, we helps you to find out location of water leak by only collecting water leak sound with Sonic M1 and NELOW-App. At the same time, NELOW Cloud web servers supply total pipe network management by integrated GIS digitalization, water leak sound analysis, DMA(District Metering Area) monitoring, pressure management, water meter reading, and asset Maintenance
Should you wish to have further understanding on how to develop NRW management plan by using WI.Plat intelligent water leak management platform , please contact us, our NRW consultants are glad to help you find the most suitable NRW management plan

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