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White Hat SEO: How to Rank Without Breaking the Rules

By Bali Website Videos

White Hat SEO: How to Rank Without Breaking the Rules


Many people just build web design and website without paying attention to the importance of SEO process. For them, SEO is not important. The most important is to have web design and website. Do they think that they are the only ones that have websites? The fact is that there are millions of websites which are always in competition every single minute. Logically, websites that are not competitive enough will be kicked off or disqualified. It is the same as planting seed without watering and take good care of it. That plant certainly will die. If it grows, then surely it will be in the middle of grasses which prevent it to grow better and eventually it will die.
SEO is very essential for websites and web design. It nourishes the development, progress, and growth of websites. Without SEO, don't ever except your webpage to get a higher and better rank in search engine results. One of the main roles of SEO is to bring webpage to the best rank in search engine. There certain techniques used in SEO process. In this article, I want to share about white hat SEO.

The term "white hat SEO" is actually referring to SEO techniques and strategies that are in line with the conditions of main search engines. Generally, white hat SEO is defined to be any practices that can help to increase and improve your search rankings on a search engine results page and at the same time maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the reach of the search engine. These strategies include: offering high-quality content and services faster site loading times and mobile-friendliness; using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags; and making your site easy to navigate.

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